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2 Days & 3 Nights


Train, Ghazal

Kish Island

Silver beach, shining sun, blue sky, sky-blue waters, clean air and perfect serenity have all transformed Kish Island into the pearl of the Persian Gulf. Kish is situated in an area of hot and arid weather and is affected by desert climate. It has long and hot summers, and short and mild winters. The climate equilibrium of the island is influenced by various north-western and southern air masses. It is generally arid and has a low rate of rainfall. Rainfalls mainly occur in the shape of torrential showers in winter months. The humidity rate in summer is very high and sometimes it even reaches one hundred percent. Since Kish Island is located in a deserted and dry area, it does not experience frosty days. The best time to travel to Kish Island is during January to April, where the weather is very soft and lovely.

Geographical and climatic features of Kish Island: from October to April, Kish weather has mild warmth, and in this interval, the island is in a favorable environmental condition. From May to October, Kish weather is hot and sultry, and the average daily temperature in these months is almost close to each other. Since the sea water is still cold and the relative humidity is still low in May, Kish climate is almost dry with cool breezes, and in general, the weather is vernal and soft.

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Birth certificate + Personnel Picture...

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8-9: Brakefast
9-10: Swimming...

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